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Wolf, Bunny, Cat.....

Sometimes in our house, my daughter pulls out items from her costume drawer and asks everyone in the house to become an animal. Just last Saturday she was the cat, I was the wolf, and her dad was the little bunny. We each put her headbands on and proceeded to wear them all day as we each went about our individual tasks connected by the collective game of pretend.

Headbands do not come off no matter the task or activity. I have often been known to surprise various solicitors, delivery personnel, and others by answering my door as a wolf. Ring our doorbell, and you never know what you will find on the other side.

I wonder how many of us wear our own costumes each day of our lives. Maybe, we pretend that we have it all together. Maybe, we pretend that we did not carry the burden of shame for something we did. Maybe, we pretend we are happy when we are struggling with the huge weight of sorrow, depression, or loneliness. Maybe we hide who we really are to fit in, to not trouble anyone, to enjoy the denial of something we are just not ready to face yet.

Take the headband off. Sure, there will be some sore spots from wearing it all this time, but being your authentic self is better than pretending anything else. Drop the happy little bunny act. Let go of that courageous brave wolf persona and admit your doubts and fears. Take away the obsessive grooming habits of a cat making sure everyone knows that every single strand in your life is perfect.

Take the headband off, and let it all go. Show the fear, doubt, mistakes, questioning, flaws, needs and shortcomings you have, because we all have them. By the way, God already knows about them anyway, so you are not fooling the Lord. God created you, loves you and desires to walk with you through every pitfall, challenge and disappointment in life.

So this week, toss the ears aside, let your hair fall free and journey with confidence. Your life is not perfect. Your walk is not perfect, but your honesty with the world and God will shine through as you ooze genuineness. God promises that you will not walk alone, so skip your way along the path knowing He is right alongside you.

"Cast all your anxiety on him, because he cares for you" (1 Peter 5:7).

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