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I have been thinking a lot about intentionality this week especially when it comes to the life of Christ. While Jesus carried out his ministry here on earth he displayed this impressive intentionality. Jesus was intentional about where He went, how He journeyed there, who He talked to, what words He spoke to them. Jesus was intentional about how He taught and what He was teaching. Christ practiced intentionality when it came to His miracles, His message and His motives. Jesus was intentional about solitude, space and spending time with God. Christ had conversations with God. Jesus intentionally raised up His disciples to fish for people and be leaders in the Church. There is something to be said for living our lives to glorify God in the big moments, in the obvious moments and even in the hard moments. However, what about in the midst of our everyday lives where how we are to follow God, glorify God, live for God is not always so obviously in our face. Intentionality Let's take a lesson from Christ this week and do everything with a little bit of intentionality. Getting ready for the day? Do it with intentionality, because you never know what plans God might have for you as you put on your outfit and brush your hair. Wiping your countertops? Do it with intentionality, because you just cared for those that God created in His own image, this includes you, and you have a space to care for someone else who comes along in need of a meal, cup of tea or conversation. Driving to work? Do it with intentionality, because the way you stop, follow people, look at people and drive past people sends a message. Caring for children? Raise them with intentionality. You are the one who has been established to teach them about God's love and grace. Exhausted after a long day? Rest with intentionality. Do not lay in the bed with your phone or work from the day, but turn off the lights, close your eyes and trust in God's command to rest intentionally to prepare yourself for what is in store the next day. Feeling lost, overwhelmed, apathetic, confused, or lonely? Practice intentionality and spend some time alone with God. With intentionality talk to God, listen to God and respond to God. Live a life of intentionality.

"So, whether you eat or drink or whatever you do, do everything for the glory of God." (1 Corinthians 10:31).

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