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All That Could Be

Life is not perfect, but if we are willing to change our mindset, adjust and omit for a little extra time, and take a different approach our world could be what we long for it to be. Our world could be the place it was designed to be. If we adjust ourselves just a little bit, just think what magic could happen in an ordinary day. We would start each day with gratitude, praise and joy! We would take the time to listen. We smile . We speak to those who pass us by. We would take the time to help someone else who might need a ride, a meal, a particular file in the office or a babysitter. We would look at someone different than us and instead of passing judgment, we would have an open mind. We sing songs that bring us joy. We dance no matter how the day is going, because God watches over us and brings peace. We offer grace. We look at it from the other person's perspective. We realize their are two sides to every story. We get rid of access so someone lacking can be benfitted. We believe love>hate and our actions show it. We laugh often. We treasure moments with precious family and friends knowing God put us all in each others lives for a reason. We leave space to hear God's voice, and we follow it. We cry for someone. We cry with someone. We genuinely celebrate another's accomplishment or victory. We take care of all that we have including people, possessions and responsibilities. We call it an early night, crawl into bed and fall peacefully asleep knowing just what a blessing and how important rest is for us daily and acknowledging that we do not control the world. It is in God's hands, so it is ok if we take time out to rest for a good eight hours. You know all that could be? This week, live in a manner that makes it all be!

"For once you were darkness, but now in the Lord you are light. Walk as children of light," (Ephesians 5:8).

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