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Tomorrow I will begin another year working in a public school system. Prior to being called by God to serve in this work, I served as a minister in a traditional church setting. While there I served on many teams with many people. Once, I was having a conversation with a gentleman about giving gifts to our Bible Study leaders. Because I often cannot leave a single conversation without making at least one joke, I said, "Maybe you should weave them all potholders from those loom kits for children."

At the end of it all, our Bible Study leaders received beautiful bookmarks. Everyone except me.

I received the most gorgeous potholder anyone has ever bestowed upon me.

This pot holder used to be in my desk at the church where I worked. Now, I carry this potholder, which has gotten a little tattered over the last couple of years, in my bag all over the school where I work. it is tucked down at the bottle of my bag and reminds me of so much.

First, it reminds me of where I came from. Those events, people, challenges and victories woven throughout the course of my life to get me to this point in my journey today.

It has taught me about the lessons I have learned and how I can use them to better the lives of others.

It reminds me of how we are all woven together as a part of God's beautiful family. We are different and yet we work together to carry out God's plans in the world.

It reminds me of the impact I have on each and every person I interact with throughout the day. I am reminded of how I may be the only person that shows them kindness, grace or peace.

The edges of the potholder are a little messy and undone, and I am reminded in the moments where I feel messy and undone that it is ok. No one is perfect, and God does not ask us to be anything more than our best, which is never going to be perfect.

Most of all it reminds me of a moment where someone in my life brought me joy and laughter modeling the love of Christ, and I very much want to do the same each and every day.

This week, may you remember those people, places, and moments that have weaved throughout your life to touch your soul and speak truth into you. May you also remember to show God's love and grace as you weave in and out of the lives of others.

P.S. Don't forget the joy and laughter. It can mean so much!

"Rejoice in the Lord always; again I will say, Rejoice. Let your gentleness be known to everyone. The Lord is near." (Philippians 4:4-5).

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