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The first to notice

This weekend my family and I attended an event in our city dedicated to all things Legos. My daughter and I spent a lot of time building with Legos under black lights, so we could watch them glow as we built them.

While we were working I was reminded of how God is building and creating all around us in our lives and in the world as a whole. Everywhere we look along the journey, we can see God's light emerging, working, and moving in the darkness. Never stop looking for it. In my house, we put up lights in the yard for Halloween, Christmas, and of course my favorite holiday, St. Patrick's Day. The lights are on a timer, and they come on automatically. However, we play a game as a family every day to see who will notice when the lights have turned on first. Someone shouts, "The lights are on, and I'm the first to notice!" Then another person quickly yells, "The lights are on, and I'm the second one to notice." The last person, well they just get the title of loser! No worries, there is always another chance tomorrow!

I wonder how it would be if we all looked for God's shining light with the same enthusiasm my family has when exclaiming seeing our outside lights each evening. My challenge for you this week is to look around and see where God's light is glowing along your journey.

How is God blessing you?

Where is God. working?

Where do you see God moving?

What is God whispering?

What is God shouting?

Where is God's grace glimmering?

Where is God's love shining?

Take a look around this week for God's light. No doubt, you will find a pile of treasure of God working, moving, and shining.

Be the first to notice!

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