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Take a walk

I want to invite you to take a walk. It could be down the hall, around your yard, your neighborhood, or at the park. Wherever you feel called to meander, go and walk. Print this and take it with you if you choose. As you walk, notice the air filling your lungs as you breathe in giving you life. Remember that God created you special, unique, loved, and in His image. As you breathe out and your air cascades onto the world around you, remember that you make a difference in the world. Your words, your actions, your thoughts impact the world around you. You can make a difference for God. Take a look at what is around you. Nature, people, smells, and sounds. Each of these were created by God. Take a moment to delight in the gifts and blessings God is putting before you right now to enjoy. Speak words of praise. Notice your steps. If they are too mundane, regular, and rhythmic it may be that you are rushing through this. Try not to rush through your walk or go through the motions of your day without paying attention to God’s voice and what the Lord is doing around you. Are your steps light and even a tad bouncy? Don’t forget to praise God when life is good, the world is beautiful, and you are filled with joy. Do your steps feel heavy? What is weighing on your heart, your mind, your shoulders? As you walk, remember God walks with you. This is a great time for conversation with the Lord. Share what feels heavy. Seek direction. Ask for answers. Surrender all the things that bring you feelings of overwhelm. As you look around at the world that is so much bigger than you, remember that God is bigger than the world. Surrender it all to your Savior. As you walk, walk seeking the will of God. As you walk, walk admiring the wonder of God. As you walk, aim for the future steps of your day to be in the way of God. As you walk, wander, and worship, pay no attention to the time. Remember, time with God is never wasted time.

“Thus all the days of Enoch were three hundred sixty-five years. Enoch walked with God; then he was no more, because God took him.” Genesis 5:23-24

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