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When I was in the fifth grade, I ran for SCA president. I handed out bookmarks that said, "Don't be crabby. Vote for Abbie." I lost the election. However, that was not the worst moment of the day for me. I wore a skirt to school that day so I could look my most fabulous while giving my "vote for me" speech to the school. Since I had PE, I had to bring a pair of jeans to change into for gym.

I needed to change quickly, so I decided to keep my black ankle boots on in the process. I slipped my skirt over my shoes easily and grabbed the pair of jeans out of my bag. I slipped one foot into each leg of the jeans and when I went to pull them on the rest of the way everything came to a halt! I could not pull my jeans over my shoes. No big deal, I will just start over. Nope! You see the problem was I could not pull my jeans back off over my shoes either. I was stuck! I was standing there alone in my underwear in the girls locker room with my jeans around my ankles refusing to move. I tugged. I pulled. Nothing. I had no idea what to do.

The rest of my PE class was outside the door in the gym doing warm up exercises for the day. Finally I cracked open the door and yelled to my gym teacher, "Will you please send a girl in here!" I needed help. There was no way out. A girl from my class came in, and I do not know how it happened to this might say it was a miracle from Jesus!...but some how we got my pants back over my shoes and off, my shoes off, and then me finally dressed for PE.

Sometimes in life we find ourselves stuck. Sure, it can be literally stuck. However, more times than not this is a mental more metaphorical stuck. You know the moment. Where you being stuck is all you can think about each day. You cannot go back to where you were, and you have no idea how to move forward or which direction forward even is at this point. You pull and you pull. You tug and you tug. No matter what you do, you just cannot budge.

I do not know the answer as to how to help you get unstuck from your stuckness. However, what I can tell you are the following pieces taken from experience.

*Take a deep breath and whisper a prayer. God knows the way for you, and it is helpful to communicate with the Lord.

*Sometimes we have to wait as uncomfortable (and cold in my situation ;-)) as being stuck can sometimes feel. While waiting, remember the world is still moving on around you. Wait patiently and notice the little joys and gifts happening around you in the process.

*Ask for help. Even if it is just asking for a listening ear. God never meant for us to walk through our days alone. You never know when a helping hand might actually help you get unstuck. Sometimes another person can help free you from something. Another time they can help pull you into something great and wonderful. Never shy away from a helping hand.

*Trust in God's plan. Trust in God's love. Trust in God.

Finally, always remove your shoes when changing clothes :-).

"I am about to do a new thing;

now it springs forth; do you not perceive it?

I will make a way in the wilderness

and rivers in the desert." (Isaiah 43:19).


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