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Seas Into Highways

I will never forget the time I was about to begin my sophomore year of high school, and I went to the beach with some friends. As we played together out in the ocean I got dragged down by the mighty sea. I struggled to come back up, and I remember feeling trapped, anxious, and completely helpless. How often we find ourselves feeling the same way about our own metaphorical seas that lay before us. -A challenge, obstacle, burden, or disappointment that extends as far as the eye can see -Its angry waves crashing up against us -The sounds of it echoing in our's too hard...there's no cannot beat this -The salt prickling on your skin as a constant reminder of what you are up against -The engulfment of overwhelm you feel as you find yourself completely trapped and immersed in it. "The Lord will fight for you, and you have only to keep still." Exodus 14:14 I can only imagine the astonishment on the Israelites faces when God parted the sea and created a highway for them to pass through on dry land the day they were fleeing from Pharaoh, his army, and their slavery in Egypt. They were not trapped by the Red Sea. When they reached it's barrier, the Lord drove it back and a road through it was created. God did this for them. God will do this for you. God fights for you, so keep still. Trust in the Lord sweet and precious child of God. Lace up those shoes. Your highway is coming!

"You turn graves into garden You turn bones into armies You turn seas into highways You're the only one who can You're the only one who can Oh, there's nothing better than You There's nothing better than you Lord, there's nothing Nothing is better than You"

(Song: Graves Into Gardens by Brandon Lake and Elevation Worship)

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