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If You Can Find It In Lime Green

Several years ago my husband had it set in his mind that we needed a toaster. Not knowing just how handy one would be at the time, I was adamant I did not want another appliance cluttering the limited counter space in our kitchen. Not wanting to be the wife that flat out denied her husband’s request, I paused for a moment and pondered. Then a genius idea came to me. Here is how I responded, “Alright, you can get a toaster…if you can find one that is lime green!”

I have never been more proud of myself. Who knew I could outsmart my husband in such an incredibly easy way. I could NOT stop smiling at how overwhelmed I was with my incredible wit. I came out of that conversation looking so agreeable, and yet, he will NEVER find a lime green toaster.

Less than two hours later, as I tried to contain how proud I was with myself….would not want to give anything away, I heard my husband’s voice call out from down the hall. “The toaster will be here next week!” Wait……what?!……Nooooooo……Impossible….How did he???

The lime green toaster, pictured above, has taken up precious real estate on our counter for several years now. Truth be told, I am absolutely in love with it. Not just because I use it at least three days a week, the lime green color pops and makes me smile.

The little lime green toaster on my counter also reminds me to have faith. In life, specifically when we are faced with giant obstacles, we may think a solution is impossible. However, we need to remember that nothing is impossible with God. I thought I had it all figured out, but the lime green toaster on my counter reminds me that my wit, knowledge, and predictions are limited. Did God will that lime green toaster into our kitchen? Whose to say, but the Lord sure has used it to teach me that with God the possibilities are endless and go beyond what I can imagine.

“For nothing will be impossible with God.” Luke 1:37

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