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Walking the path

Yesterday, we entered the season of advent. Advent is a season of waiting as we walk the journey each year to the celebration of Christ's birth. We are to be an active and expectant people during this time. As we begin this advent season, I want to invite you to examine your own journey. Walk along with me along the path and reflect upon the following...

What obstacles are cluttering up your path on your way to the true purpose and meaning of the season?

As we wait for Christmas, what are some other things you are waiting for in your life (a new job, a repaired relationship, healing, an answer to a long whispered prayer)? Are you confident and expectant that Christ will provide you with the answers? Or, do you doubt your Savior and find yourself turning toward other people and things? Look around as you journey. Do not miss the tiny details where Christ is working and moving in your life. Do not miss the small blessings from God. Do not dare pass by the crucial little moments where Christ is revealing Himself to you in the midst of each and every single day. They are the utmost gift from the Lord. As you go through your advent journey this season, notice your stresses, your pain points, your grievances and take a moment to release them all over to the Lord. Check your motives as you go. Are your actions and words meant to impress, prove yourself, or highlight your goodness? Are you motivated by your love for the Lord and desire to serve the Lord or something completely different?

As you walk, the journey may seem long, but remember you are walking toward the gift of the neverending light of Christ, the gift of eternal life, the gift of unconditional love, so take those steps confidently, no matter what crosses your path, and be expectant for incredible, remarkable, miraculous gifts from God all along the way.

A voice cries out:

“In the wilderness prepare the way of the Lord,

make straight in the desert a highway for our God." Isaiah 40:3

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