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Turn your eyes

Last week we looked at hearing. We talked about all the various ways we hear God answer us. As we continue this weekly journey into our five senses, today I want to talk about sight.

We live in a world where there are so many things to gaze upon. What gets your attention? Who or what are you looking toward?

What are you watching on TV? What words are your eyes reading? Who are you looking up to? What or who are you looking to as a model for your behavior, actions, and decisions?

Growing up, we are often told, who or what we surround ourselves with influences our daily choices, actions, and image. Maybe we are looking upon a particular fad, culture, persona, book, method, or way of life to model who we are and how we live.

While it is important to be informed in what is happening in the culture around us, we must look to God to influence how we live our lives. While it is great to have role models, we must look at God to model ourselves after. While there are so many excellent resources we can turn to for answers on any given day, we must look to God to ultimately provide us with the answers for decisions, directions, and dilemmas we face along the way. Where are your eyes looking today?

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