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The Women of Luke 8 Day 7

Snippet Study During this study, you will be asked to reflect on a small snippet of our main Scripture.

and many others

This snippet from Luke 8:1-3 accounts for many others that traveled with Jesus. This key phrase in our Scripture is plural. Several individuals traveled together with Jesus. These women were a community striving and seeking after Jesus. May we have a communal mindset as well. May we all work together sharing our talents and resources to serve God. May we all be supporters of one another.

As a community of women, may we also seek to build one another up, help each other discern their gifs and God’s calling on their lives, and encourage one another as we strive to live into the life God has for each of us.

Often times we hear stories about women who seek to tear each other down. We hear about judgmental women, critical women, jealous women, and manipulative women. However as we strive to follow Christ, may we be women with a different set of characteristics.

Let us be women who seek to love each other, encourage each other, pray for one another, lift up one another, celebrate one another, and express gratitude for one another.

Today as you think about the many others I challenge you to think of a time when someone said something really encouraging to help build you up as you sought after Christ. List one woman in your life who has journeyed with you and provided you encouragement as you sought after Christ. If you feel led, share about this moment in the comments below.

Take some time to express your gratitude to the other women in your life this weekend.

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