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The Women of Luke 8 Day 29

If you are around me for any length of time, you will find out rather quickly that I do not enjoy waking up early. I have a longstanding rule that you never call me before noon on a Saturday unless it is an emergency. One of my favorite gifts from God is a daughter who sleeps in just like I do. When my daughter started school, I exclaimed often how the early morning school start time was ruining life as I knew it!

I do not like getting up early. Yet every year on my birthday I do so by choice. Why? Because there is just something so magical about a sunrise. On my birthday I take a walk as the sun is waking up every year. In the beginning, I like to think and pray about the year I am leaving behind. Once the sun has risen, and the clock turns to 6:32 a.m. the time of my birth, I begin to focus on and pray for the year ahead.

The dawning of something new is oh so magnificent. Each morning when I am in the kitchen with my husband, I encourage him to pause and look out the window at the new day with me for just a minute. I call our kitchen window the Window of Possibility. As we look out each day I always say, “Who knows what amazing possibilities God has in store for us today!”

Each of the women in Luke 8 experienced healing from Jesus. No doubt as each woman was freed from her ailments she felt as if she was leaving the darkness behind and venturing into a dawning of new possibilities. As we prepare to conclude our study tomorrow I want you to take a look back within your own story. What has Christ healed you from? What has Christ freed you from?

An illness A sin Bad relationship Toxic work environment Debt Lonliness

As you feel the warm glow of the bright shades of your freedom, pull a deep breath in and prepare yourself for the endless possibilities ahead of you as you walk this journey with Christ.

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