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The Women of Luke 8 Day 25

What are you really passionate about?

If you are having a hard time with answering this question, what do people know you are going to find a way to bring up in conversation almost every time you talk with them? We talk about our passions.

One passion, for me, is a syndicated national radio show called The Bobby Bones Show. I retell their corny jokes, share information I heard on the show, enthusiastically play all of their on air games, have trained my six year old daughter to enjoy listening right along with me, and speak of the on air talent as if they are my best friends in real life. When we are passionate about something, we cannot help but talk about it. We spend as much time with our passion as possible!

When we examine the disciples in Scripture, they have a great passion for Christ. They spend as much time with Christ as possible, and they cannot help but share about Him! We can call the disciples in the Bible enthusiasts for Christ! They are fired up with a great love for the Lord.

We have moments throughout our journey where we too find ourselves on fire for the Lord. The summer of 2001, I served on the Virginia Baptist Creative Worship Team. We traveled all over the state of Virginia and in Massachusetts leading creative worship services, serving others, and sharing the love of Christ. However, when that summer ended my fire of faith took a cool spell. What do we do when we find ourselves in a place where our fire for Christ has cooled and dimmed? I personally believe it is these moments where we need to cling to Christ the most. Sit with Him in prayer. Dig into His word. Find a group, and study the Bible together. This group can be as small as just you and one other person or as large as a congregation! When your enthusiasm burns low and you feel like you are losing power, renew your fire from the divine source. If you find yourself really struggling, often it helps to start with just one Bible verse or sentence prayer at a time.

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