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The Women of Luke 8 Day 12

As we conclude our conversation on Mary Magdalene today, I want to challenge you to think about identity.

Mary was a very common name during this time. Magdalene was used as an identifier. As we discussed earlier in this study, Magdalene most likely referred to the place Magdala.

How do people identify you?

As you go about your day, either on a piece of paper nearby or the notes app on your phone, make a running list of all the different ways people identify you.

Your list may consist of where you live, the job(s) you hold, your role to members in your family, characteristics that describe you, and so on.

God gave each and every one of us our own individual identities. Different people will identify with each one of us on different levels. Because we are all so different, we connect to different individuals to share the love of Christ with the world.

Through the way we interact in the world and live our lives, people can identify us as Christian.

Was Christian on your list as an identifier?

What are the characteristics of someone you would identify as a Christian?

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