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The Suncatcher Series Part 4: Bee-lieve!

Have I ever mentioned that I am slightly afraid of bees? I am also slightly ashamed to admit it, because I know what true value bees play in our society. However, when I was a little girl I stepped on one barefooted in my backyard, and I have exhibited fear towards them ever since. Despite my fear of the sweet little bumble bee, I am also in awe of them. I love how they buzz around with an excitement about them! I love the little buzzing noises they make as if they are whispering secrets to you. The buzz of a soothing hushed tone that calms even my quickened pace of a heartbeat when they come near.

We have a bee suncatcher, painted by my daughter, that hangs in the window of our dining room. To me, it is a symbol of everything I think about when I am around a bee connected with my relationship with God.

I look at the calming blue color of the bee, and I am reminded of the peace I can find when I am trusting in God.

When I think about the bee buzzing around, I am reminded of how busy God is buzzing around and working and moving in my life and the world around me to carry out His will and plans.

When I look at the bee, I am reminded of the whispering buzzing it makes, and I remember how often Scripture whispers to me just bee-lieve in God.

Finally, when I think of the quick movements and exciting buzzing and flapping wings of a bee, I am reminded of just how exciting it is to follow God, and how I should buzz around with the good news of the Lord's love and salvation.

"Do not let your hearts be troubled. Believe in God; believe also in me [Jesus]."

~John 14:1.

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