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There is something so precious about the dawning of a new day. Getting up at dawn, although not my jam, brings an invitation of a fresh start. As the sun slowly rises on our world, we are reminded that God is still and forever will be in control. We are reminded of the warmth and light God has to bestow upon us and the world. As the new day begins, may we open our eyes with optimism. May we invite God to walk with us through each and every step of our days. As the world is filled with a cascade of colors while the sun makes its way up into the sky, may we remember the rich and wonderful ways God colors our lives each and every day. Some of the colors are deep, dark, and heavy much like the challenges we face each day in our own lives. Some of the colors are light and airy much like the moments of release, joy, and hope that we skip along through each day. Other colors are bold and bright reminding us to be bold for Christ and to keep a bright outlook as we remember the promises that God always follows through on. As we are surrounded by each literal and metaphorical color may our attention be captivated by each hue as we embrace what God has to teach us and what God plans to do through us in each shade.

Through it all, through each remarkable pigment of a new day and the hours that follow, may we remember to praise God

for the beauty that surrounds us for the fact that God journeys with us for being created in His image. May we allow ourselves to be Son-kissed emulating all aspects of Christ to the world whilst we are literally sun kissed each and every new day.

“From the rising of the sun to its setting the name of the Lord is to be praised.” Psalm 113:3

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