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Summer Inspired Living

Yesterday marked the start of the summer season. As we embark on the next three months filled with humidity, backyard BBQs, and bug bites, let us refresh our relationship with the Lord through the necessities of this current season we find ourselves in.

Wear sunscreen This is something we are encouraged to do every day but specifically in the summer when we find ourselves outside more. We want to make sure we do not burn or damage our skin. We need to make sure we also lather on the Word of God each day, so we can protect our faith walk from the damaging elements that could potentially harm it each day out in the world. Covering ourselves in Scripture daily allows us to be better equipped to live in the world without being of the world.

Take a vacation Summer is often the time we take a trip or at least a break from our work and spend time with family and/or friends. What would it look like to take a weekly vacation? Well my friend, that would look like practicing a weekly Sabbath which is instructed for us in God’s Word. You do not have to take a big trip to do this. Just set aside a day each week to rest. Let work go. Yes, even the housework. Do something you enjoy. Rest your heart and your body. Summer is a great time to begin a weekly Sabbath habit.

Collect seashells When you walk along the shoreline at the beach, a hobby of many is to look for rare and beautiful shells to scoop up and take home. Just like unique and beautiful shells along the shoreline, we encounter unique and beautiful people each and every day. These unique and beautiful individuals are waiting to be scooped up, cared for, and given the opportunity to have their dirt rinsed off in the water of the grace of God and be directed home to a long lasting relationship with God. As you walk your shoreline of summer keep your eyes peeled. Who needs help? Who needs love? Who needs grace? who needs to know God? Remember, we are all beautiful pieces of God’s creation.

“This is the day that the Lord has made; let us rejoice and be glad in it” (Psalm 118:24).

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