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Snowflakes and Sabbath

I love snow! There is always something absolutely magical about it.

As a child it brings forth the excitement. of an extra day off from school. A day to rest and do the things we enjoy. You can always see a twinkle in the eye of a child, a school teacher, and other snow loving adults as well with anticipation and excitement. I wonder what it would be like if we approached our weekly instructions from God to rest in the same way? What if we approached Sabbath with the same anticipation and excitement we do over the rest we find in a snow day. Has our time of Sabbath come to be just like any other day? Have we filled the day we set aside for Sabbath so full that it does not feel like Sabbath anymore?

As much as I love snow, I do not necessarily enjoy playing outside in it. I am more of a curl up underneath a warm cozy blanket on the sofa with a warm cup of coffee and a good book while gazing out the window at the snow sort of girl. I enjoy the picturesque scene that is all clean and white. I love to see the thick heavy blanket of gray that accompanies the snow on a cloudy day making me feel covered up by a weighted blanket of peacefulness. At the same time there is nothing quite like the shimmer of the ice on the trees when the sun does peak out. That shiny shimmer of hope and optimism that fills my soul as it reminds me of the pieces of joy and hope we see in our walk with Christ each and everyday.

My favorite time to admire the snow is late at night. When you look out the window the whole world shines brighter in the darkness. There is a quiet innocence to the earth. The moon glows brighter. There is a stillness like no other. I am often tempted to sleep with the blinds raised in our bedroom just so I can gaze upon the picturesque scene of peace, tranquility, light, and serenity throughout the course of the night. What if we were drawn to our Sabbath in this way? What if we viewed Sabbath as a time to sit and gaze upon God, to fill ourselves with light, hope, peace, serenity, in the midst of the dark times we often find ourselves walking through in daily life.

My final favorite thing about snow is eating it! Don’t worry, I know not to eat the first snow. However, when that second snow comes, I can barely contain my excitement. Often times when snow is in the forecast there is a rush to the store for milk and bread. On my list, Coca-Cola. I love to make a snow float with Coke and snow! It is so fun to mix the snow with an everyday soda. It sparks excitement in the normal. May you take a break and take a taste of time with the Lord. Take a taste of resting in the Lord’s arms. Take a taste of the blessings the Lord has for you.

“O taste and see that the Lord is good; happy are those that take refuge in him.”

Psalm 34:8

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