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Picturesque Revelations

Every October, my husband and I find ourselves driving through the mountains. We may meander into a new small town restaurant or gift shop, indulge in a treat at a local ice cream parlor, or just marvel at the views in God’s creation. The lookouts where you can park, get out, and admire a picturesque panoramic view of the mountains are such a treasure. The funny thing about these picturesque scenes is that sometimes it feels like you are never going to get there. You wind around through hills and curves feeling the mounting pressure in your ears just waiting for the view to burst out around the next corner, only to find another curve. I feel like our own life journeys can often feel this way. We wait with great anticipation for God to reveal… The plan He has for us. An answer to a prayer. A resource we desperately need. A conclusion to an open ended heartache. An explanation. Relief. Redemption. Rest. And yet right when we think we are about to hear the Lord’s voice, bam, it is just another curve, just another bend in the road, all the while the pressure, stress, and anxiety is mounting within our ears. Take heart dear one. Rest assured the picturesque view from Your Lord is there. So keep trusting, keep shifting gears, keep rounding each bend making sure not to miss the glimpses of God’s artistry in your journey. Chew the gum, the support system of other Christians that help stick with you and relieve the pressure along

the way. God will give you an answer. God will reveal the panoramic picture of what your eyes are seeking, and it will exceed your expectations.

Photo by Melissa A. Fallen

“Before the mountains were brought forth,

or ever you had formed the earth and the world,

from everlasting to everlasting you are God.” Psalm 90:2

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