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One in Christ Jesus

Early in my college adventure, I observed a man hanging out at the Baptist Student Center I became involved in. He was an African American man older than me, tall, wore dark clothing, and was quiet. I wondered what he was scheming in his silent observations, and I felt quite suspicious of him until I got to know him. We will call him Mark. Mark, became one of my very favorite people and a pivotal part of my faith journey. We both love music, and he introduced me to my favorite Christian band Third Day. Mark is a truly talented musician and writer. Also, he has the most infectious laugh. We are connected through our faith, creativity, and passion for music. One day, we think it would be cool to be in a band together! He calls me little mama now that I am a mother, and even though we live far apart from each other we stay connected. We are one in Christ Jesus.

When I got my first full time job after graduating college I worked with a gentleman we will call Jorge. Jorge was a large Hispanic man. My first weeks working in a low wall office cubicle across from his demonstrated to me that he was rude, angry, negative, and moody. However, I found out from another co-worker, after forming this opinion of him, that his grandmother had just died. I left a note on his desk with a smiley face saying I was praying for him. After that, our relationship changed forever. Jorge and I had the best time working together every day. We talked about God, TV, music, and broadway plays. We sang songs to each other, and I enjoyed hearing stories about his daughter who shared my name. When I left that job, saying goodbye to Jorge was one of the hardest parts of moving forward into God’s next plan for my life. We are one in Christ Jesus.

In my first week as a college student I met a White girl who was also a freshman and lived in my dorm. We will call her Regina. When I first laid eyes on Regina at the Baptist Student Center, I remember thinking that she would make a fun friend. We were both freshman, lived in the same dorm, and were checking out the Baptist Student Center. However, after spending time with her one evening I found her to be snobby. She never smiled, and it appeared that she did not like me at all. I thought maybe this would not be the friend for me after all. However, over time I realized she was just shy and quiet. We became friends. We actually became the best of friends. We are like sisters. Years later, she shared the story of when she first met me. It was at our dorm orientation which I do not remember her even being there. It was at a preview day before we even started our first semester. She heard me ask if anyone was named Amber because that was the name of my roommate. Her first thought of me was to ask herself, “Who is that blind girl with the high pitched voice?” However, she said in that moment she heard God whisper to her heart. “You and that girl will become the best of friends. You will be in each other’s wedding!” In case you are wondering, we were in fact in each other’s wedding. We are one in Christ Jesus.

“There is no longer Jew or Greek, there is no longer slave or free, there is no longer male and female; for all of you are one in Christ Jesus.”

Galatians 3:28

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