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Love Like Sand

This week my family enjoyed a day at the beach. I LOVE to go to the beach. There is nothing quite like the ocean wind in your hair, the soothing sounds of the waves rushing in and out, and the beautiful shells along the shore. Did I mention the sand? No I did not. You wanna know why? I do NOT like sand!!! Love the beach! Despise the sand. It gets everywhere! Stuck all over my feet to track inside when I am done. You find sand in places on your body you NEVER knew it could hide! Did I mention how it gets into your bags and slowly seeps into all your stuff! Oh, and when you come home and try to put everything in the washing machine, guess what you find on TOP of your washer and dryer for days to come...SAND!

Sand knows how to leave its mark. Sand leaves an impression. Sand lingers.

What if we shared the love of God this way? What if we spread God's love around like sand? Let's leave traces of God's love EVERYWHERE! Let's track God's love into every building and home we enter. Let people find God's love in places they would never expect love to be found. Let God's love seep into every conversation, every action, every decision, every component of life. And even those people who try to negate the existence of the love of God, those who feel that it is for everyone but them, those who feel that there is no way God could love them, make sure you love them with the love of God over and over and over again until they see God's love is not going anywhere, and it is for everyone.

"Declare his glory among the nations,

his marvelous works among all the peoples." ~Psalm 96:3

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