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Jazz Hands!

Churches all over the country brace themselves every summer for a fun-filled week of children, crafts, music, games, heat, high energy, and Bible Study. Did I mention exhaustion? That is right readers, I am talking about Vacation Bible School. Maybe you have been there? Maybe you go running when you hear the words ;-).

Each VBS curriculum usually includes an array of songs designed to captivate children, teach important lessons about the Lord, and get EVERYONE moving. I may or may not be the dancer in the back that is a beat or two behind from everyone else with sloppy arms. No doubt there is one, most likely more, songs each year that contain jazz hands. It is particularly exciting to end a musical number in this way. When my eight year old daughter read the title of today's post she asked, "What are jazz hands?" You may be asking yourself the same question. Oxford languages defines jazz hands as "a gesture originating in musical theatre, in which the hands are waved rapidly to and fro with the palms facing forward and the fingers splayed, used typically to express or indicate excitement or triumph." I secretly love jazz hands, and I think we should think about having a jazz hands type of faith.

What would a jazz hands faith look like?

Our palms would be open ready to receive whatever God passes our way. This could be an assignment, possible challenge, or an important instruction. With a jazz hands faith, we are open and ready for God to lead us wherever the Lord calls us to go.

In a jazz hands faith our fingers are splayed, stretched, with plenty of space between them. As we follow God, we too become stretched as God calls us out of our comfort zones to carry out His perfect plans. We should also have space in our lives to sit with God, hear from God, and study God's Word. Jazz hands are an enthusiastic gesture. As we live out our faith, may we do so enthusiastically. Jazz hands do not just indicate excitement though. Jazz hands also indicate triumph. No one can do jazz hands shyly and do the gesture justice. Remember, as you strive to have a jazz hands faith that when we choose to walk with God, we are choosing to be triumphant. God, is a God of triumph!

This week, take the music of your faith out into the world. Dance! You have a beautiful melody to share.

Ready, and.....jazz hands!

"Praise the Lord!

Sing to the Lord a new song,

his praise in the assembly of the faithful.

Let Israel be glad in its Maker;

let the children of Zion rejoice in their King.

Let them praise his name with dancing,

making melody to him with tambourine and lyre." ~Psalm 149:1-3

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