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I Am In Love…

with my microwave! Can anyone else relate?

Not only is it the perfect place to store random goodies you do not have space for in your cabinets, but it cooks so quickly with no pots and pans! I love how you can cook mini pizzas in just 3 minutes! Other things I enjoy cooking in my microwave….

Baked potatoes Green beans Macaroni & Cheese Popcorn Chicken Nuggets Mini Cheeseburgers S’mores

You name it, my microwave can cook it…..FAST!

IF there is one thing I think we have all noticed in 2020 though, it is that we have been forced to slow down due to the pandemic. I keep hearing people make comments about how weird it is not going as much, not being so busy, and being at home more. I think in every challenge there are nuggets of goodness to treasure. Personally, I have truly treasured the time at home, being a little slower, and enjoying my family and space.

As we prepare to enter 2021, I challenge you to think about your relationship with God in connection with space and the microwave. As we often live in a world that is fast moving, instant, quick, and immediate does our time with God emulate the same pattern? Do we slip it in quickly in the midst of our other obligations, to do”s, and want to”s? Are we trying to microwave our time with God to get what we need, give what God needs, and hear a Word from God quickly?

This year I encourage you to really slow cook your relationship with God. Let go of the passion for the microwave, and make the time to really immerse yourself in a slow-talking long-lasting relationship with God.

Open the Bible and really take time to read the words….let them warm up your soul. Let your words with God be filled with multiple ingredients that takes longer than just a couple of minutes to cook together into a full fledge conversation. And really take time to let the hazy steam clear and hear from God before digging into all of the decisions we make each day in life. I promise life will taste much better when God is directing the way!

So, take it slow. Make the time. Relish each word, each prayer, each nudge, and each blessing in the year ahead. Who knows? I may even start using my larger microwave in the kitchen that I have heard some people refer to as an oven!

“I am the vine, you are the branches. Those who abide in me and I in them bear much fruit, because apart from me you can do nothing.”

John 15:5

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