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Five prayer tips worth sharing

This first quarter of 2021, God has laid it on my heart to personally take time to dig into prayer. I love the idea of always learning more about these special conversations with God. This week, I want to share with you the top tips that have been meaningful to me over the years.

  1. There is no wrong way to pray. I do not think that God sits and judges us for how we are praying. Are you using the right words?…Sure! Are you praying at the right time?…Absolutely! Are you talking about the right things?…Definitely! It does not matter how you talk to God, when you talk to God, or what you say to God. God just wants to hear from you. It can be as disastrously messy or poetically eloquent as you choose. All that matters, is that you communicate with God.

  2. Write it down. I am a very visual person, and I really enjoy writing things down. I keep a prayer journal to help me write down what I want to pray about each month. This gives me an opportunity to focus on various people and areas of life that I want to pray for other than just myself. However, I include my personal prayers as well. I also enjoy writing down when I see God answering a prayer or at least working and moving in a certain situation I have been praying over. A highlight at the end of every year for me is looking back through my journal at answered prayers. It is always amazing to see how God has worked and moved throughout the year.

  3. Cues to remind you to pray are helpful. As much as we want to pray, sometimes we forget especially when we are going about our everyday life. I like to have a cue as a reminder for me. I keep my prayer journal open on a cookbook stand in my kitchen. Not only does it remind me to pray every time I walk by it, but I can look and pray over the next prayer on my list I wrote. What cue would help remind you to pray? Is it a reminder on your phone, a regular occurrence on you calendar, orin your planner? Maybe you need to put a sticky note on a mirror somewhere in your house.

  4. Pray throughout the day. Keep the conversation with God going. While I believe it is important to have a focused prayer time with God, I also think it is important to keep up a continuous conversation with God. Remember, we can talk to God anytime. When sitting at a red light, chat with God. While walking around your neighborhood, strike up a conversation with God. While waiting in line at the store or the bank, pray for the people around you. When you hear a siren, pray for everyone involved in the situation. When cleaning your house, pray through each step of the process. Looking for some cleaning prayer prompts? I love these from Val Marie Paper! PS They make some pretty great prayer journals as well!

  5. Pour your heart out to God Are you mad? Tell God! Are you disappointed? Share that disappointment with God. Are you exasperated? Exclaim it to God! God already knows all things, so there is no need to try and hide anything from the Lord. Be open and honest in your prayer life. Do not be afraid to be vulnerable in your conversations with God. Sharing all our truth with God helps us as we strive to deepen our relationship with Him. So, share it all. I know you will be glad you did!

What are some tips that have helped you in your prayer life over the years? I would love to read all about it in the comments below! Let’s grow together.

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