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Beep! Beep!

When I took driver’s education in high school, one of the pieces of wisdom our teacher shared with us was on the importance of being a defensive driver. As a sixteen year old leaving the house with my friends my father always stated, “I trust you! It is everyone else in the world I am worried about!” In an article on titled 5 Tips for Defensive Driving, drivers are advised to plan ahead, always scan your surroundings, brake early, never go on the offensive, and don’t get distracted.

As we strive to be defensive drivers, we can look at our approach to ministering to others in a similar way. Plan ahead for extra time. You may find someone broken down who needs you to provide them with the comfort of God’s grace and love. Always scan your surroundings for those who speed past in a fury of literal or emotional overwhelm who need you to show them the peace of God. Brake early! Someone may be moving slowly or had to halt themselves suddenly and need encouragement God can provide through you. Never go on the offensive! Never let others negatively influence you. As we minister to those in the world around us, we need to be cautious that we do not pick up emotions of hostility, apathy, aggression, or disbelief. Don’t get distracted! Keep your eyes fixed on God and your heart open to the Lord’s guidance. Buckle up as you listen to where God is leading you to drive on His road of ministry. Beep! Beep!

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