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Asparagus Aspirations

Today is National Asparagus Day! Asparagus was one of the first foods I ever learned how to cook. I hope you have plans to celebrate. On any holiday, I think it appropriate to celebrate with some fun facts. While we are at it, why not connect them back to the one that created it all, God.

Ancient Greeks and Romans used asparagus as an offering to their gods dating back to 3000 bc. As you go through your day today, I encourage you to think about what offering you can give to the Almighty God. What can you bring to the table? What can you bring to God? -Money for ministry -Time for service or compassion for another -Talent to put toward the Kingdom Did you know asparagus can take up to three years to grow from seed to harvest? This is proof that good things grow over time. We just need to have patience! What are you waiting for today? -A person or people who you continue to pray will accept the love of Christ -A frustration you are waiting to work out -An answer you are waiting to hear from God on It takes time for a harvest. Once it finally grows, asparagus will produce spears for decades making it a great crop.

Growing asparagus is labor intensive. Farmworkers handpick each spear to a depth of nine inches and clip it at the base. When we want to grow in our walk with God, we have to put in the work. What will you do today to put work into your relationship with God? -Hear the Lord’s voice by the reading of His Word -Have a long conversation with God while sipping sweet tea on your back deck -Pausing to follow God’s nudging to help out someone else or do something different than you planned.

“So let us not grow weary in doing what is right, for we will reap at harvest time, if we do not give up” (Galatians 6:9).

NOTE: For more information on National Asparagus Day, go to https://nationaltoday.com/national-asparagus-day/

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