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A Piece of Glass

Last Sunday, I preached at a church in the city with some of the most beautiful stained glass windows. As I stood at the pulpit looking out at them, I realized how much each of us is like a stained glass window ourselves. Our lives are pieced together with many moments. Some, bright and cheerful. Other moments, dark and dramatic. The pieces of glass come together to create what is the story of each of our own unique lives. However, the moment when one sees true beauty is when the light of Christ shines through all of these pieces to make the picture that is us glow. You see, that is what is so magnificent about the perfect power of God. When we are trusting the Lord, God's light shines through us and we can find beauty even in the dark places.

No matter the color of the circumstance, each piece fits together to create your life story. Some moments are bright and cheerful and victorious. Other moments are darker, dimmer, but God still works and shines. Some pieces are covered in God's light of grace in those moments where our glass is cracked or scraped. Every piece is unique. No full picture is perfect. However, when the light shines through there is wholeness and beauty.

May you remember this week that the light of the Lord is with you shining through each part of your day dim or bright. Your life, living for Christ, is a piece of great beauty. God uses your story and who you are to show His beauty and love to the world.

"Again Jesus spoke to them, saying, “I am the light of the world. Whoever follows me will never walk in darkness but will have the light of life.” ~JOHN 8:12

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